Today I am so full of appreciation, joy and respect. I don't know about you, but I don't have one of those lives where you can expect tomorrow to be much like today and next month to be much like this one. My life has always been full of surprises! Sometimes so many surprises come flying at me its hard to take a breath. This last week has been like that.

It reminds me of how I feel when it's something like 15 below outside and I am inside in the lovely warmth preparing to go out. You know- layering everything on; sweater, hat, mittens, scarf, coat... totally prepared to make it from the door to my car. It really isn't that far anyway. I grab the handle and brace myself as I open the door and that's when it happens - that blast of how-can-it-possibly-be-that-cold air hits my lungs like a ton of bricks and I cough and choke as I try and convince myself I can keep breathing. After that I'm good. I make it to my car just fine, turn on the heat and set out on my way timing how long it takes for that temp gauge to get to the middle.

Like I said, this week has been a lot like that blast of air - sudden and intense almost to the point of disbelief. But this post isn't about those specific surprises - it is about the other part. The constant part. The nice warm coziness inside the house.

For me, my most valuable constants are people. I am so thankful for the steadfast people in my life. The ones who have been and will be there no matter if I have no work and can't afford to pay for my own cup of coffee or I have so much work I'm not really sure how to find time for a nap! The ones who hang in there as I move from place to place, career to career, and passion to passion. I have people in my life I can call or drop in on at a moment's notice. I have a woman I call when I need artistic help. I have women to call when I need to be told I'm totally nuts and to chill out. I have people to call for tech help, and car trouble, to tell me a good story, to laugh with, to gossip to, to yell at me, to help me figure out why I feel the way I do and to postulate over politics or religion or childbirth. I even have a friend (or few) I can call for a drive by hug! I mean seriously I know I could swing by my friend Jacqueline's right now and if all I needed or had time for was a big hug that is what I'd get. How amazing is that?!  And then by my side sits the most amazing man who supports me always.

"Hey honey, I'm going to take on a whole bunch of overnights this next couple of months."

"Ok sweetheart, Let me know what I can do to help so you can get enough rest and whatever else you need."

So lucky am I! This man holds me and cares for me so beautifully, because he knows it is my passion to give myself to those around me. He knows that the more he listens and supports me the further my arms can reach and the more I can give to those in my care. I am so thankful. I am so truly truly thankful. 

I sit here wishing for all of you to have the same. Jess and I have a passion to help others build their community this year. I wish for everyone to have a friend to call when your life twists and turns. The humans both big and small in my life have kept me going this last couple of years and am so glad the did. It is because of them that I feel so together and have so much joy to share. If I can be one of your "people" please send me a message. If Jess and I can help you find your people just let us know. Being a parent is full of surprises -  both scary and thrilling - and I want you to have someone to share that with.