I love beginnings. Sunrises, births, page 1 of a book, the first day of a job, a bundle of wool sitting beside my spinning wheel; they are all filled with so much potential. I love knowing something is about to “be something”. So I wish you a Happy First Day of something interesting, inspiring, calm, safe, strange, exciting, wondrous!!

This year is bringing all sorts of potential with it for Blue Lotus. Jess and I have this lovely new partnership. I have been supporting families through birth, postpartum and beyond for years, but somehow this feels different. I love the idea of having a partner and it makes it all feel new again. I feel so inspired by Jessica’s joy and (drive). This partnership means that we can share so much more with our families - not only while we're with them, but also through this brand new Blue Lotus blog.
The idea is to share with you anything and everything related to pregnancy, birth, babies, parenting, and families. We plan to share new science to help you make the best choice for you in the birth room, discuss articles about the hard stuff like infertility, and have guest interviews from parents like you designing their families. We will fill this space with words to inspire, encourage, and challenge.

We want this to be a resource for you - so let us know what you want to read about. Ask us questions here or on Facebook. We are happy to share our personal stories, we'r interested in controversial topics, and we're especially inspired by your new beginnings and the choices you make - let us know all about them!
This blog is one of many beginnings this year for Blue Lotus. Most of them are still only in the early staged and we aren’t quite ready to share. I urge you to check in regularly for surprise discounts, gifts, and to get the scoop on the newest thing Blue Lotus has to offer.

Enjoy the first days of a fresh new year and all your New Beginnings!