Your pregnancy, Your Parenthood, Your voice.


Your pregnancy, Your Parenthood, Your voice.

Your pregnancy. Your parenthood. Your voice.



From the very beginning when you're considering your family's growth, through pregnancy, birth, and as you learn your new family's identity - we'll be there to help dissolve fear, provide experienced care, and offer intuitive compassion.


Meet Jessica & Megan

Meet Jessica & Megan


Jessica Buche

I was born, raised, and currently still reside in Chisago City Minnesota which I love as most of my family has migrated to this area. I draw upon a lifetime of caregiving experience. Years of experience as a certified nursing assistant , along with my passion for providing care and support, lead me to become a doula. Never did I think in a million years that this would be my path but I started this journey in September 2015 and have not looked back! I am a very passionate person and love learning everything about birth, postpartum, and placenta encapsulation. I have a deep passion to help women and their families navigate their way through birth and the postpartum time. I couldn't have asked for a better job EVER! DOULAS ROCK!


Megan Kahl

I've been providing doula care for 15 years for all types of families and in many birthing environments. I'm a DONA-trained doula serving the Twin Cities area from my home in Eagan. 

I believe that every mother and her family deserve a pregnancy and birth experience that is true to them. Expecting families are presented with so many rules to follow, so many standards to meet, and so much advice to absorb that they often lose their own identity. My desire as a doula is not to provide the "right" rules or the golden standard, but instead to help your family find its voice and champion that voice throughout your experience.


Our Services

Our Services

Your family has a singular identity, and that comes with unique needs. Our goal is to help guide your family  toward its new identity with care that is equally singular. No matter the shape of your family, your past experiences, your cultural character or expressions of faith - our wish is to strengthen that distinctiveness and build on it to make your experience peaceful and fulfilling.

Blue Lotus is a partnership - we provide care together, allowing us to shape things the way they fit for you. You can also be assured that care is available with the backup and flexibility our arrangement provides.

It's important to note that our support extends to your whole family -  not only the expecting mother, but also her partner(s), other children, or anyone else you call kith and kin.

To help shape up a practical view of what the services look like, we've put together an average service breakdown - most of our clients choose a mix and match version of the services listed below.


Being pregnant is an important part of having a baby! Whether you'd like help getting prepared, managing your expectations, or just enjoying the special time, we're available for support. Our prenatal services include:

  • Support at a health care appointment
  • Support at a childbirth education session
  • Assistance writing birth and postpartum care plans
  • Help with nursery/household preparation
  • Help planning your baby registry
  • Help organizing your baby shower/baby shower attendant
  • Unlimited support via text, email, and/or phone calls


For four weeks around your estimated delivery date, we're on call around-the-clock in anticipation of your baby's arrival. When the time arrives, we'll be there to provide:

  • Hands-on care and support throughout labor
  • Advocacy for your birth plan
  • Massage, movement, and other comfort measures
  • Communication with extended family and friends
  • A tool-kit full of things that families may find helpful, including essential oils, ice packs, hot water bottles, rebozos, eye masks, lip balm, snacks and energy drinks, fans, lighting options, etc.

Births can be full of surprises, which is why we love working as a doula partnership. Regardless of the circumstances of your birth, one or both of us will be with you through the whole process and all its twists and turns. We don't believe in putting time limits or other conditions on this care - we want your family to be confident that our participation and support will always be available.


Adjusting to your family's new identity is as momentous as the birth itself. Many families find comfort and help in continued support through postpartum doula care. Those services include:

  • Breastfeeding support and education, referrals to specialists
  • Assistance getting ready and/or going on appointments
  • Assistance with newborn care, answering questions about diapering, cord care, feeding, swaddling, bathing, comforting, cues, etc.
  • Postpartum Mood Disorder checklist, assistance looking for signs that outside aide might beneficial
  • Assistance with sibling adjustment 
  • Babywearing education and assistance
  • Light housework and meal prep
  • Light errands: grocery shopping, dry cleaning pick up, library book drop off, etc.
  • Care for newborn while you reconnect with children, your partner, or simply take time to yourself
  • Help in processing and writing your birth story
  • Teaching partners or other caregivers newborn care

 It is our belief that all families - no matter their economic standing - deserve a doula. Special pricing, payment arrangements, or other considerations can be made.

Birth Doula Support Package

Two Attending Doulas - $1,500
One Attending Doula - $850

Our birth doula support pacakage includes all of the "during birth" services listed above, as well as 8 hours of non-labor support (prenatal or postpartum).

Postpartum Doula Support

Additional postpartum support, including all of the services listed, can be purchased at an hourly rate.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the procedure of preparing the mother’s placenta after the birth of her baby, and processing it to be placed into capsules for her to ingest as she sees fit. The ingestion of the placenta, known as placentophagy, reintroduces beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to the mother’s body following labor and birth. To esnure integirty, placentas are processed by our doulas, individually, and by hand.





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Jessica Buche
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Megan Kahl
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